La Vall Major de Bovera, it is a great valley of mediterranean ecosystem in the region of “Las Garrigas”, is situated in the southeast of the LLeida’s Plain. It is part of the Ebro’s sunken area and adjoins with Natural Park of Montsant to the east.

The name given to the area comes from the abundance of Quercus coccifera (kermes oak) which in catalan takes the name of “garric”. A large group of kermes oaks is called “garriga”.

It is an area of arid climate with a big range of temperature changes and very little rainfall, where forest areas and wooody crops are found next to each other.

The lack of water resources and the need of it have model the landscape in a very characteristic way, with water-related constructions (aljib: typical arabian constructions, wells, seasonal reservoirs…) that added to the stone made buildings give this region the special uniqueness it needs to be part of the local cultural heritage.

This interior reservoirs and ponds have greatly improve the whole valley’s biodiversity. It is because of this that the local settlements, mainly agricultural, have always been closely related to the environment’s natural ecosystems.

Another added value is “Los Obacs” forest, which has been classified as singular by the CREAF in 2010. The main characteristic of the forest is the big number of aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) that we can find, both large in dimension and quality.

“La Vall Major de Bovera” is, as we can see, a mosaic where forest ecosystems and plant community coexist with the traditional human activity that is bound to countryside and agriculture.

It is for all of these reasons that we think necessary an environmental sensitivity campaign which allows people to get to know the values associated to forests and the vital importance for human kind of the existence of water dots in dry land.

Hundred year old mountain olive grove

Bufo calamita (Natterjack toad)

Water reservoir

The proyect

The main objective of the project is to raise awareness and get to know the benefits of forestry ecosystems in general and in particular that of old, mature forests and inland aquatic ecosystems

Specific objectives:

  • To create an interactive and explanatory website.
  • To design different itineraries for in-situ and practical explanation of mediterranean ecosystem’s environmental services.
  • To help the educational community to get to know the web.
  • To involve local groups in the preservation and maintenance of forestry ecosystems.
  • To involve RSC’s companies and their employees in the preservation and maintenance of forestry ecosystems with hands on actions.

How will we do it

Teachers and pupils in school

We will put at your service and interactive web with free Access where we will work on different curricular contents both for primary and secondary schools. There will be worksheets as well as teacher’s notes and extra information.

On top of that, we will invite you to come and visit the estate where the project is taking place where you will be able to put into good use the newly acquired knowledge!

Regional groups: agricultural coops, local associations, groups of ramblers…

We give you the opportunity of rediscovering the region’s charms in the most enjoyable way!

RSC enterprises: companies interested in developing between their employers a conservation incentive by involving them in voluntary activities

We will help you discover all the richness and magic of this special region by involving you in its preservation

For further information about the proyect visit or email us to educa[@]

School visit to Trenca’s property in Vall Major de Bovera