Along with the lines of environmental awareness with regard to nature conservation, for five years Trenca organized the White Stork Celebration in the city of Lleida. It was an entertaining afternoon, with the aim to involve both children and adults in the respect for the wildlife. The protagonist of the celebration was the white stork, as it is a well known bird with a marked urban character.

During the White Stork Celebration: public release at the Camps Elisis of Lleida of a white stork (Ciconia ciconia) rehabilitated at the Willife Centre of Vallcalent. © Trenca

The number of visitors ranged from 1000 to 6000 people (998 the first year). Bearing in mind that Lleida has 110 000 inhabitants, the White Stork Celebration became one of the most multitudinous and popular events in the city. To the first year (2001) It took place at the “Can Rúbies” sports centre. In the following years, always, already at the Camps Elisis gardens.

To publicize the event, invitations were produced (up to 15 000/year) and were personally distributed during the days before the White Stork Celebration. For disseminating the activity, press releases were sent to local newspapers announcing the event program and inviting people to attend the celebration. Besides, a press conference was called to announce the event and 5 informative canvas banners (5 x 2 m) were placed in different sites of the city.

Different kinds of stickers devoted to The White Stork Celebration. © Trenca

The activity was totally free of charge, both the entrance and the performances as well as the plays, the afternoon snack and the material offered to the visitors: stickers, folders, calendars, balloons, sweets, etc.

To be able to make it a reality, we had many volunteers help out in the event as well as the collaboration of companies like Can Rúbies restaurant, Edicions Pagès, Indiana Bill, Coca-cola, Pujol Precast, Actel, the Council of Lleida, the Departament de Medi Ambient de la Generalitat (Environment Department from the Autonomous Government of Catalonia), etc.