Four of the eight pairs of black vultures in the colony of the catalonian pre-Pyrenees are already incubating. It has been during the last days of January and the first of February when we have been able to witness the first incubations of these couples.

Olga and Alex and Perla and Portel have been the first to break the ice and decided to bring a new life to this natural world. These two couples already gave us two chickens last year: Pan, fruit of the union between Olga and Aleix , and Roc, fruit of the union between Perla and Portel. While Olga and Alex have decided to refurbish the nest of the previous year, Pearl and Portel have opted to change their location and build their new nest in a new place.

Olga and Aleix. © Equipo Boumort-Alinyà

Perla and Portel. © Equipo de Boumort-Alinyà

To these two couples are just add other two, Oriol and Pessonada and Mario and Menta, which had just been made to incubate. Bruna and Corneli, like Perla and Portel, Oriol and Pessonada and Mario and Menta, have decided not to use the nest of 2014 and have been relocated to new enclaves, toiling in the packaging of the same.

To the remaining three couples, (Muga and Neo, Ibex and Ares, Modesto and Gallarda) they still looks very relaxing doing appearances together in the food points.

The reintroduction project of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees is promoted by the Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural de la Generalitat de Catalunya and by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera. GREFA and Trenca are involved in the assisment and implementation of the Project, toghether with the staff of the Espai Natura Muntanya d’Alinyà and the rangers of the NHR of Boumort. The Estació Biològica del Pallars Jussà carries out several educational actions related to the project.