The first 36 chicks of Lesser Grey Shrike are already in the acclimation facilities in the area of reintroduction of Lleida.

Chick with geolocator. © M.Galvez/Trenca

Born in captivity in the captive breeding center in Vallcalent and with an average age of 32 days, they will spend one week in these cages to fix this property (the last one with breeding pairs of the species in the whole Spain) like its birth place, reinforcing its philopatry.

In this way we hope to bring back here after their migration to southern Africa in winter. Other 43 chicks will enter in the facilities of hacking in the coming days and the second clutches are already hatching in the Breeding Center.

22 Of the chicks are equipped with geolocators, which will allow us to know their migration route and wintering area.They weigh 1.1gr,  about 2.5% of their weight, something insignificant.This device measures the hours of daylight and darkness, so that you can set the position of the bird at any time, once it´s recaptured and the data is downloaded.

Significantly, it is the first time that this device is used with this species and the information obtained can help us to learn more about the threats that the species suffers during their migration and winter season.

To learn more about the project, you can visit the section Conservation in situ of reintroduction of the Lesser Gray Shrike (lanius minor) in Spain in this same web page.