Oriol and Pouet © Boumort – Alinyà Team

On the tracking carried out in last March at the National Hunting Reserve of Boumort, 28 different Black Vulture specimens were monitored, both perching or feeding, by means of direct observation.

From those 28 black vultures, 18 were released or born in the wild in previous seasons; 7 individuals were released on 1 March 2013; and 3 are of exogenous origin coming from France: Paganini, Condamini and FBS. No exogenous individuals of Iberian origin were detected. From these 28 black vultures monitored in Boumort in March, Oriol, Corneli, Coma and Aiguaneix were the most observed (30, 25, 25 and 24 records, respectively).

As regards the breeding season, in this last month of March, from the 5 pairs that started incubation, 4 of them (Perla and Portell, Menta and Mario, Bruna and Corneli, Neus and Oriol) continúan el proceso con regularidad. The pair formed by Olga and Aleix abandoned incubation for unknown reason by the end of the month. On the other hand, Ares and Aiguaneix formed the sixth Black Vulture pair of the programme.

The reintroduction project of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees is promoted by the Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural de la Generalitat de Catalunya and by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera. GREFA and Trenca are involved in the assisment and implementation of the Project, toghether with the Alinyà Natural Site staff and the rangers of the NHR of Boumort.

You can find further information on the section reintroduction of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees and on the section videos in this website.