© Equip de Boumort-Alinyà

© Boumort-Alinyà Team

Three pairs are raising their chick at the moment. Another pair, the latest one, continues incubating their egg, which should hatch by the last days of May. Two more pairs were not successful at breeding.


During the months of April and May, in the Boumort-Alinyà area 31 black vultures have been observed. From them, 25 are endogenous black vultures (reintroduced or born in the frame of the reintroduction project), and 6 are exogenous black vultures, that is to say, they have come from the outside, they have not been reintroduced or born in the area: 3 from the Iberian Peninsula (Ibex, Neo and another one that has just turned up), and 3 coming from France (Quercy, Quasimodo and Reveur). From the total number of 31 black vultures, 29 are settled in the area, and 2 of the exogenous are just passing through (Reveur and the new Iberian one). The two settled Iberian black vultures have formed a pair with two endogenous females (Íbex with Ares, and Neo with Muga).

Voltor negre enmig d'un grup de voltors comuns. © Equip de Boumort-Alinyà

A Black Vulture in the middle of a group of Griffon vultures. © Boumort-Alinyà Team

Besides, the population has been increased with three new chicks (from the pairs formed by Oriol and Pessonada, Olga and Aleix, and Bruna and Corneli; always, one chick each pair). One more pair, the one formed by Muga and Neo, continues incubating its egg, which should hatch by the last days of May. Two more pairs were not successful at breeding (Perla and Portell, and Menta and Mario). And therer are still two more formed pairs (Íbex and Ares, and Modesto and Gallarda).

The reintroduction project of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees is promoted by the Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural de la Generalitat de Catalunya and by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera. GREFA and Trenca are involved in the assisment and implementation of the Project, toghether with the staff of the Espai Natura Muntanya d’Alinyà and the rangers of the NHR of Boumort. The Estació Biològica del Pallars Jussà carries out several educational actions related to the project.

For further information on this project, please check the section Reintroduction of the Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus) in the Pyrenees on this website.