Signatura del conveni. © Trenca

 Signing the agreement. © Trenca

Trenca has just signed an agreement with the Bovera and La Granadella councils in order to carry out the project “Olive oil landscapes: rural heritage conservation and improvement in Bovera Main Valley”.



During the project, several actions will be carried out to restore different rural elements from the heritage of the Bovera Main Valley, in the regional district of Les Garrigues: natural shelters, dry stone cabins, dry stone cisterns, juniper kilns and a cattle route.

Juniper kiln to be restored. © Trenca

 Dry stone juniper kiln to be restored. © Trenca


Works will be done in part by people at risk of social exclusion. They will take place within September 2014 and January 2015.


Forn de ginebró que serà restaurat. © Trenca

 Dry stone cistern to be restored. © Trenca