The time to say goodbye to 2016 has come and the Association Trenca want to take stock of this great year.

This 2016 has been a great year for Trenca Association with very satisfactory results in all the projects we currently have, results that make us feel very proud.

Conservation of the Lesser Grey Shrike (Lanius minor) in Spain

The situation of the species in Catalonia is still endangered and the efforts made for the conservation of the species are being maximum.

This 2016 have been five individuals who have returned to Lleida, with two breeding pairs and seven chicks born in wild.

One more year we have overcome the number of chicks liberated with 128!

And, as in 2015, we have returned to fit geolocators in order to learn more about the biology of the species and its threats outside the breeding area.

Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues

This project in favour of the conservation of the natural, cultural, agricultural and landscape heritage is still growing.

In this 2016 we have reinforced the natural heritage with the creation of small rafts for the reproduction of amphibians and invertebrates, and we have advanced in the creation of the new nucleus of Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni hermanni) with the ending of the works of conditioning of the farms and with the liberation of half a hundred of tortoises.

One more year, we have continued with the production of our extraordinary oil Salvatge, with an excellent harvest.We have already begun its distribution and sale!.

We have carried out our environmental educational project ‘Descobreix Bovera!’ we started at the end of last year; with its dissemination and with the first visits to the project of schools, local groups and companies.

Reintroduction of the Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus) in the Pyrenees and Supplementary Feeding points (SFP) for scavenger raptors.

This 2016 has been an excellent year for the the black vulture reintroduction project and for the first time since the beginnig 6 chicks have been born in the colony.

The colony is formed by around 50 individuals, and the interactions between the catalonian colony and the french and the south of the Iberian colonies are already a reality, fulfilling one of the main objectives of the project.

The Supplementary Feeding Points (SFP) have become a fundamental tool to facilitate the availability of food for the black vulture and for the other scavenger birds of special interest of the catalonian Pyrenees.

This year we are working in the construction of a new supplementary point, to improve this availability of food, and we have done disseminationto of the proyect in schools in the area of influence of the project due to the edition of a tale of the black vulture and the other scavengers of the Pyrenees .

Land Stewardship

Trenca Association is an entity of stewardship, member of the Land Stewardship Network and is actively involved in the conservation of the natural heritage and landscape. These voluntary agreements between the owners and users of farms, and custody institutions, try to maintain or restore the values related to the nature and the landscape.

In this 2016 we have signed a new land stewardship agreement for the environmental improvement of some vineyard properties in the municipality of Lleida and Alcarràs, and we are expanding other agreements in Mas de Melons-Alfes an in Plans de La Unilla.

We hope that these good and promising results will be synonymous of a promising future for the institution and for the conservation of the biodiversity!

From Trenca we want to thank to everyone (public and private associations, environmental NGOs, friends and partners collaborators, supporters…) for your collaboration to carry out these projects and these dreams, and we offer you the opportunity to work with Trenca like friends or collaborating partners: Friends of trenca, or purchasing our products: Trenca gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Trenca, Junts per la Biodiversitat!

Photos: Jordi Bas, Marc Galvez, Gerard Plana