We have collected more than 8000 liters of our ecological production of Salvatge (Wildlife) in the estates of the sustainable agro-environmental development project, in Les Garrigues.

The harvest has been made under bad weather conditions, which have made it difficult to end the collection of olives. Constant rain and fog have delayed the harvest until the end of November.

Oil freshly pressed. ©Trenca

But these difficulties have not prevented the best harvests in recent years, the best since the beginning of the project, and we are especially proud.

As a result of this dedication has been obtained a grass greenish color, very characteristic young olive oil, with an intense fruity aroma; an extraordinary oil definitely.

As a novelty, this year we have expanded the production working in a new farm with which we have signed a new land stewardship agreement. This is a property of 15 has where are centenaries olive trees of different varieties and mediterranean character forest .

Now we only have to enjoy this precious gift that Earth give us!

For further information about the project which is behind the Salvatge olive oil, please check the section Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues on this website. And if you want to order or know where you can find this oil check Salvatge (Wild), olive oil from the wildlife reserves.

Harvesting of olives in traditional way. © Trenca